• 461. 2 сочинения по английскому языку english

    My friend came over to my place around noon. We decided to go outside for a while; the weather was nice and dry. We went to the schoolyard to play football. There were a lot of guys playing and we joined one of the teams. My team was winning from the beginning. There was a lot of people standing and watching the game: parents with little kids, older people. Everybody seemed to enjoy the day. After the game we were really hungry and I invited Mike to my house to have lunch. My mom is a really good cook and she is always trying new things. We had a new dish; I think it was pelmeni with chicken. No matter what it was, it was delicious.

  • 462. 2 сочинения по иностранному языку для 9 класса english

    My sister and I enjoy living in the country, that is why we usually spend our summer holidays at our grandfather's. He lives and works in the forest - he is a forester. He lives in a small house. He has a garden. Different plants grow in his garden. It is very beautiful there. There is a lake near the house. The lake is full is fish. Near the lake there are high green hills and large fields. A lot of different flowers grow in the fields. I like forget-me-not best of all. The forest is full of mushrooms and berries. Different birds and animals live on the hills and in the forest. Grandfather knows and loves them all. He knows a lot of things about animals: where they live in winter and in summer, what they eat, what they like to do, how they teach their children and play with them. He knows all about birds too. When a bird is singing he can say what bird it is. In winter when there is not much food to eat in the forest, he gives the birds something to eat.

  • 463. 3 сочинения на новогоднюю тему /english/


    1. What holidays do you and your family celebrate?
    2. What holiday is your favourite one?
    3. Do you celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter?
    4. Do you know anything of the old traditions to celebrate these holidays?
    5. When do people celebrate Christmas?
    6. When do Russian people celebrate Christmas?
    7. What do you know about the New Year's Day in England?
    8. How is the Christmas tree decorated? Is it a holy symbol? -
    9. What country sends a huge Christmas tree to England to stand in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London?
    10. What is the greatest Christian festival of the year?
    11. What do people joyously observe either in March or April?
    12. What do you know about other holidays: the Victory Day, Women's Day, etc. What is your personal attitude to them?
    13. Are there any veterans of the Great Patriotic war among your relatives?
    14. Why is the Victory Day so significant in 1995?
    15. What presents do you give your mother, grandmother your sister on the 8th of March?
    16. Do you like to receive presents?
    17. What do you like more: to give presents or to receive them?
    18. Do you celebrate your birthday? Do you like to do it?
    19. Do you invite your friends for your birthday party?
    20. What other holidays are celebrated in Britain and the USA?
  • 464. 6 вопросов по иностранному языку для 11 класса english

    I was about fifteen or may be sixteen. One day I was depressed and very absent-minded. I was walking round my house and, unexpectedly strike against one old man. I excused and was going to continue my way, but the old man stopped me and saying that I wouldnt have success in life and die early, because it is my destiny, its prescribed for me by stars. He also told me many other unpleasant things about my current and future life constantly insisting that Id die very soon and that I wasnt able to change anything… I was staying silently hearing these words and getting more and more angry and finally I replied in the following way: “Well, everything is changing. Things are getting older, so do people, and I'm not an exception, of course. Each day I become one day older, 7 days a week, 4 weeks a month, 12 months a year, and who knows how many years in life… That's the Rule we cannot override and the Law we can't break. Like it or not, but each man has to obey it. So do I, and therefore I don't think about getting older at all. I just live my usual life without being troubled about it. That doesn't mean that I believe in "predestiny" theories, saying that whatever's going to happen will happen anyway. Instead I believe in DESTINY - that's the one I am in charge of. Luck is like a blind chance, destiny… that you build. May be that sounds quite strange, but that has been and is my life position for many years and I don't plan to change it”.

  • 465. 9 сочинений для 9 класса /english/

    The most popular entertainment in our home life is television. We have a choice between five channels ORT, RTR and 3 commercial channels. There is also a cable TV station in our town. Television plays an important role in our life. It informs people about current events both national and international, the latest achievements in science and culture, and offers some programs, which are both interesting and stimulating. Every day we can see different tips of programs on TV. News is broadcast at regular intervals. They also present operas, ballets, music concerts and various shows. Broadcast for schools are produced on five days of the week, during school hours. In the late afternoon and early evening TV channels showed special programs for children. In the evenings and at weekends there are broadcasts of sports events. A large time of TV evenings time is occupied by films and serials, but as for me I like quizzes. A quizzesprogram is a question and an answer competition which offers money and other prizes and to the winners. Such programs as “Wonders field”, “Brain ring”, What, Where, When”, “Guess the melody” are me favorite ones, because they are both informative and interesting. But best of all I like the programs of “Travels club”, because it gives me a chance to travel of other the world with out living home. Far away countries and their customs and traditional are come into my living room.

  • 466. A Character Analysis of William Faulkner's "A Rose For Emily"

    In Part I, Faulkner described Emily to be “dear.” The word “dear” can have two meanings in this sense. Petry believes Faulkner had meant “dear” to mean “sweet or cherished” in her article. “On a tarnished easel before the fireplace stood a crayon portrait of Miss Emilys father.” (Faulkner 76) Because the portrait was done in crayon, it is assumed that Miss Emily was a child when it was drawn; childhood is assumed to be a period in life where everything is sweet and innocent. The tarnished easel would then represent that the portrait was put there in front of the fireplace for some time, a portrait that her father had cherished. In retrospect, Heller had believed the word “dear” to mean “costly.” (Petry 53) Heller sees this in Part I of the story when Emily refuses to pay her taxes. (Petry 53)

  • 467. A critical evaluation of infrared analysis and mass spectrometry in forensic science
    Медицина, физкультура, здравоохранение

    spectroscopy, to be more precise Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), uses the mid-infrared region and this analytical tool probably yields the most information in forensic paint analysis (Chalmers & Griffiths, 2002). Despite this however, FTIR can lack in selectivity. It may not always be easy to discriminate within a particular class especially if a mixture of these is present (Siegel et al., 2000). For example FTIR is not able to discriminate between the plasticizers diisooctyl phthalate and dihexyl phthalate both separately and as a mixture (Siegel et al., 2000). FTIR is also a very sensitive technique. An infrared (IR) spectrum can be collected in a couple of seconds and with repeated scans, the signal-to-noise ratio is increased (Felgett Advantage) (Settle, 1997). This sensitivity feature of FTIR can be said to apply not only to paint analysis but also for any other forensic use. Limitations that an FTIR has are that elemental information is very limited, molecule/s must be IR active and the matrix the molecule of interest is present with must be transparent to IR (Settle, 1997). The latter limitation has a direct effect on selectivity. If the matrix is not IR transparent the IR spectrum would be a mixture and selectivity would be low (Boon & Learner, 2002). Mass spectrometry makes use of ionized particles in order to measure their mass-to-charge ratio (m/z). Despite its wide range of application and advantages in forensic science, one of the main limitations of mass spectrometry is that if the sample is a mixture, the mass spectrum would be likewise (Siegel et al., 2000). To increase selectivity, a modification to the conventional mass spectrometry has been devised: direct temperature-resolved mass spectrometry (DTMS) (Boon & Learner, 2002). Boon & learner (2002) showed in their studies that DTMS can be applied for small samples of paint made up of pigments and organic media. Compounds in paint are physically separated due to their different physical and chemical properties (Boon & Learner, 2002). Sensitivity of mass spectrometry can be increased by making use of the selected ion monitoring (SIM) feature of the mass spectrometer instead of the full scan mode feature (Ekman, Silberring, Westman-Brinkmalm, & Kraj, 2009). Scanning decreases sensitivity as this feature detects ion species one at time (Ekman et al., 2009). Some features that are discussed here with respect to paint analysis of both FTIR and mass spectrometry may also apply to other forensic application., with the help of mass spectrometry can be determined the trace elements in solution. The method provides better sensitivity in comparison to graphite furnace AA. After analyzing mass spectra to ICPOES, the general solution can be made that the mass spectra is much simpler in usage. Even though, the heavy elements provide thousands of emission lines, they include near 1-10 natural isotopes in mass spectrum. Thus, the mass spectrometry has the super sensitivity (Hits, Ronald A, 1992). Infrared analysis has near 2% of the sensitivity limit. However, using the most new techniques its level can be near 0.01%. Mass spectra`s sensitivity depends mostly on the ionization method, thus, an extract with 0.1 to 100 nag may be needed for injection a sufficient amount (Karate, Francis, Ray, Clement, 1988). With the help of infrared analysis the information about positional isomers can gathered, that is not possible using the mass spectrometry method. However, IR in the comparison to MS is less sensitive for 2 to 4 orders of magnitude usually. Analyzing its selectivity, it can be said, that the mass chromatograms can be used as a strongly selective gas detector What is more, MS gives the possibility to gain the additional information on the molecular structure (Griffins, Haseth, 1986), that can`t be provided by the infrared spectra. That is why; the mass spectrometry method is more selective. According to the accuracy, MS uses isotopic internal standards and has the accuracy of ±20%. The method is leaded by the general analytical calibration. IR accuracy is ± 5% in routine analysis. However, in the preferable conditions it can be 1% (Hits, Ronald, 1992). The amount of time that is wasted to prepare the elements in MS method is between 20 and 100 min, to provide the general analysis can take from 1 to 20 hours depend on the elements. To prepare the elements for IR method can tale from 1 to 10 min and to evaluate them - 5 min maximum (Griffins, Haseth, 1986).conclude, both techniques are very helpful in the forensic study. On the one hand, MS is more analytical technique. It is more sensitive and selective. On the other hand, IR is more accurate and spent less time to make the analysis.

  • 468. A little information about Turkmenistan

    I have to explain that Turkmenistan doesn't have any nuclear weapons because Russia reclaimed all of its nuclear weapons after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In answer to the question of whether my parents were communists or not, I just say that the all people in the Soviet Union were communist, and citizens of that country had no other choice but to be one. People were prosecuted for having different ideas or beliefs about the government during the Soviet era. Of course the Soviet Union made nuclear weapons against United States, because the United States built the same weapons against the Soviet Union. Was the United States the biggest enemy of the Soviet Union, or was it the other way around? Or was it both ways at once?

  • 469. A role of the USA in the world politics

    Also, it is possible that the USA will return to the policy of partial isolationism to concentrate on its own problems. First, US troops should be withdrawn from Iraq. This action will greatly destabilize the situation in the Middle East, and Iraq, probably, will become a new center of Islamic fundamentalism. Islamic radicals will increase their activity and the situation will become very dangerous for many countries, but not for the USA. The terrorists simply could not reach the United States. It will be a real danger for the EU and Russia, American adversaries. In Russia the war could spread from Chechnya to the whole Caucasus region. In European countries the danger of terrorist acts would increase dramatically. Of course it would be terrible act (an immediate withdrawing of the troops) from a moral point of work, but the States have already shown several times that they care only about their own interests.

  • 470. Acoustic emission (Акустическая эмиссия) , Post-graduate (аспирант))
    Иностранные языки
  • 471. Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    One of the leading Russian writers of the 20th century, Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, was born in Kislovodsk, on the 11th of December 1918 in a family of Cossack intellectuals and brought up primarily by his mother. His father had studied philological subjects at Moscow University, but did not complete his studies, as he enlisted as a volunteer when war broke out in 1914. He became an artillery officer on the German front, fought throughout the war and died in the summer of 1918, six months before his son was born. Alexander was brought up by his mother, who worked as a shorthand typist, in the town of Rostov-on-Don, where he spent the whole of his childhood and youth, leaving the grammar school there in 1936. Even as a child, without any prompting from others, he wanted to be a writer and, indeed, he turned out a good deal of the usual juvenilia. In the 1930s, he tried to get his writings published but he could not find anyone willing to accept his manuscripts. He wanted to acquire a literary education, but in Rostov such an education that would suit his wishes was not to be obtained. To move to Moscow was not possible, partly because his mother was alone and in poor health, and partly because of their modest circumstances.

  • 472. All the King’s Men

    After learning about Anne's afiair with Willie Stark, Jack ees westward. He spends several days driving to California, then, after he arrives, three days in Long Beach. On the way, he remembers his past with Anne Stanton, and tries to understand what happened that led her to Willie. When they were children, Jack spent most of his time with Adam Stanton, and Anne simply tagged along. But the summer after his junior year at the State University, when he was twenty-one and Anne was seventeen, Jack fell in love with Anne, and spent the summer with her. They played tennis together, and swam together at night, and pursued an increasingly intense physical relationship-- Jack remembers that Anne was not prudish, that she seemed to regard her body as something they both possessed, and that they had to explore together. Two nights before Anne was scheduled to leave for her boarding school, they found themselves alone in Jack's house during a thunderstorm, and nearly made love for the first time--but Jack hesitated, and then his mother came home early, ending their chance. The next day Jack tried to convince Anne to marry him, but she demurred, saying that she loved him, but seemed to feel that something in his unambitious character was an impediment to her giving in to her love. After Anne left for school, they continued to write every day, but their feelings dwindled, and the next few times they saw each other, things were difierent between them. Over Christmas, Anne wouldn't let Jack make love to her, and they had a fight about it. Eventually the letters stopped, and Jack got thrown out of law school, and began to study history, and then eventually he was married to Lois, a beautiful sexpot whose friends he despised and who did not interest him as a person. Toward the end of their marriage, he entered into a phase of the Great Sleep, and then left her altogether.

  • 473. American poetry of the seventeenth century as a reflection of a Puritan's character

    When Bradstreet wrote her poem Upon the Burning of Our House, she was fifty-four, an old age at that time. She might have been a rebel when she was younger, but she definitely is not one at that time. Her belief in god is sincere. As soon as she realizes that her house is on fire, she asks the Lord “to strengthen me [Bradstreet] in my distress” (269). Later, when her house has burnt to the ground, Anne is not angry with God at all. On the contrary, she praises him. “I praised His name that gave and took […] it was his own, it was not mine,” the poetess says (270). Taylor uses almost the same words describing the death of his children. Everything belongs to God. The humans existence on Earth is nothing but a preparation to eternal life. According to Puritans belief there is no sense n being upset about the burned home because for everyone there is “a house on high erect, framed by that mighty Architect” (270).

  • 474. American values

    The most important thing to understand about American is probably their devotion to individualism. They have been trained since very early in their lives to consider themselves as separate individuals who are responsible for their own situations in life and their own destinies. They have not been trained to see themselves as members of a close-knit, tightly interdependent family, religious group, tribe, nation, or other collectivity. Conversely Russians find themselves part of some group. They always have some kind of attachment, especially family relations.

  • 475. Apple’s analysis
    Иностранные языки

    Apple 3 computer had a better design and improved features which was more sufficient for the market, Jobs had made a decision to not assemble a cooling fan into the computer case box thinking that the chips and the computer board would circulate the heat itself. This assumption was wrong and caused the company thousands of computers to be returned from not satisfied customers due to heating problems. That failure forced Apple to dedicate a separate group to design a new computer which could change the world. Also to try to make up the great loss they had by the Apple 3 computers. So they came out with LISA computer, 1978-1982. LISA computer was the first computer to introduce the mouse, the Icon and the desktop, which at that time was a revolutionary innovation from apple to the computer world. But LISA was very expensive to be buying by wide range of customers. And because of its high price it has failed to penetrate the market.that Apple came up with a new computer (an upgrade of LISA) in 1984 and bundled it under the name Macintosh. Macintosh was introduced to the world with a better design, fancy writing and painting software. That was introduced to the world through a huge multimillion marketing campaign however it has not penetrated the market as expected since it was not empowering the command line users which was the main strength point of Apple before that.though the marketing difficulties Apple suffered, the Macintosh name was still in power especially after the partnership with Adobe Systems which supported apple to provide software for desktop publishing and computer animation. That made apple position stronger as a Technology provider in the media, advertisement and publishing business.adapted to changes when they came out with LISA, They found out that the market is changing and new companies like Xerox, IBM and Adobe are pioneering the market with there new innovations and ideas. The way LISA was designed was based on deep analysis for the market needs. However that creation of such a new idea was not sufficient due to the pricing problems apple had.

  • 476. Base and Superstructure
    Иностранные языки

    A second difference lies in the way in which under capitalism there is not only a conflict between the development of economic relations and non-economic constraints on them, but also a conflict between different elements of the economy, some of which are seen by Marx as more basic than others. The source of surplus value lies in the realm of production. But growing out of the realm of production are a whole range of activities to do with the distribution of this surplus between different elements of the capitalist class the buying and selling of commodities, the credit system, the stock market, and so on. These take on a life of their own in a similar way to the different elements in the political and ideological superstructure, and that life affects what happens in the realm of production. Yet, at the end of the day, they cannot escape the fundamental fact that the surplus they dispose of comes from exploitation at the point of production something which expresses itself in the sudden occurrence of cyclical crises.

  • 477. Bazarov: a lunatic or visionary?
  • 478. Brighton Beach

    The newspapers in the Russian language are amazing things. What do you think the following announcement could mean? “I have a perfect credit history, and Im leaving the country in two weeks. Who needs my service please call #…”. It means that, before leaving the States, this guy wants to buy some goods, such as computers, on his credit card and then sell them for half price. Let the bank try to find him somewhere in the Moscow region or in the plains of the Ukraine. At the very same paper, for example, you will learn where to get American documents and a social security card. Of course, the document will be false. To get a real one youll have to go to Chicago. In Chicago, by the way, they can stamp visas in passports of people who crossed the line illegally. Last year, the pocket of documents would cost you around five thousand dollars, depending on your particular situation. Amazingly enough, those papers are valid, so you could get a drivers license or open a bank account without any problems. I know a person on Long- Island who opened his own business with such documents. I dont understand what the police are thinking about. It is probably too much work to leave the office and get a newspaper at any shop in Brighton Beach.

  • 479. C’est le cas des mouvements scouts: quelque 300 mille

    Contraire préferent sortir, vivre en groupe. Ce sont alors de longues discussions au café oú lon parle de tout pendant des heures: du lycée, des parents, de lamour, de lavenir, du patron,enfin, si lon travaille. 19% des jeunes de moins de 18 ans vont au café au moins une fois par jour et y restent une ou deux heures. Quelquun apporte une guitare , un groupe se forme autour de lui. Une flut, un harmonica sajoutent et voila tout un orchestre. Alors, on sort du café, on va a un concert de jazz, dans des boites de nuit…Si les jeunes Français veulent faire du sport , ils peuvent participer régulierement aux activités dun club. A coté des associations sportives, existent aussi des mouvements de jeunesse qui proposent aux jeunes un certain idéal, une certain vision du monde,au moins.

  • 480. Catch-22 (Joseph Heller)

    Given a horrible name at birth because of his father's horrible sense of humor, Major Major Major was chagrined when, the day he joined the army, he was promoted to Major by an IBM machine with an equally horrible sense of humor, making him Major Major Major Major. Major Major Major Major also looks vaguely like Henry Fonda, and did so well in school that he was suspected of being a Communist and monitored by the FBI. His sudden promotion stunned his drill sergeant, who had to train a man who was suddenly his superior officer. Luckily, Major Major applied for aviation cadet training, and was sent to Lieutenant Scheisskopf. Not long after arriving in Pianosa, he was made squadron commander by an irate Colonel Cathcart, after which he lost all his new friends. Major Major has always been a drab, mediocre sort of person, and had never had friends before; he lapses into an awkward depression and refuses to be seen in his office except when he isn't there. To make himself feel better, Major Major forges Washington Irving's name to official documents. He is confused about everything, including his official relationship to Major ----- de Coverley, his executive officer: He doesn't know whether he is Major ----- de Coverlay's subordinate, or vice versa. A C.I.D. man comes to investigate the Washington Irving scandal, but Major Major denies knowledge, and the incompetent C.I.D. man believes him--as does another C.I.D. man who arrives shortly thereafter, then leaves to investigate the first C.I.D. man. Major Major takes to wearing dark glasses and a false mustache when forging Washington Irving's name. One day Major Major is tackled by Yossarian, who demands to be grounded. Sadly, Major Major tells Yossarian that there is nothing he can do.