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I. Гласные звуки [i], [i:].

II. Text A: About myself,

Text B: My Biography.

III. Личные местоимения, определенный и неопределенный артикль, множественное число существительных.


Phonetic warm-up (Фонетическая разминка)


Гласный звук [i] При произнесении краткого гласного звука [i] кончик языка находится у основания нижних зубов: оттенок русского звука [и] в словах шить, шило практически совпадает с английским [i]: it, sit, in

Гласный звук [i:] При произнесении долгого гласного [i:] язык продвинут вперед, кончик языка касается нижних зубов, губы несколько растянуты и слегка обнажают зубы. Оттенок русского звука [и] в словах ива, иго, игры, избы практически совпадает с английским звуком [i:].

Сочетания ее, еа читаются [i:]. Например, meet, peat.

Долгота звука влияет на лексическое значение слова.

Например: feet (ноги) fit (вмещаться), steel (сталь) still (все еще)


Exercise A

lead lid

if it tip kit

did bill

mill meal

pill peel

keel kill

sit seat

Exercise Вbeat bin

it seat

steel still

feel fill feet

fit eat bean

simple Pete feel peel

meet meat ill bill steel feel Exercise D

be been beandid deed

pit peat

fit feet

it eat

lid lead

Exercise С

bin beanme meet meat

see seat seed

meal seal mean

pea Pete peat

sea see meet

bee been feet

mean lean keen

Exercise E

I see a sea. I see a clean sheet. I eat meat. I like meat.

I like tea. I make tea. I take tea. I like fine tea. I like fine meals.

People make steel. People make fine steel. People make steel pipes. People make fine steel planes. I like life. I like kind people. I like kind smiles. I feel fine. I smile.




Hello, friends. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Ann or Anya for my friends. My surname or last name is Sokolova. I was born on the 2nd of October in Sochi, Krasnodarsky Krai. This is the most beautiful city in Russia situated on the Black Sea coast. Now I am a first-year student at the Technical Academy. In five years Ill be an engineer.

Now let me describe my appearance. I am tall and slim and have fair hair and blue eyes. My friends say that I am pretty. I think I am just good-looking. I love sports and music. I was very serious about a career in gymnastics when I was in the 5th form. But then I broke my arm and doctors didnt let me go in for gymnastics. I love to listen to modern music and dance. I dance a lot and I hope I am good at it. I also love swimming. I always swim in the Black sea when I visit my parents, my dear family.

I would like to tell you about my family. There are five people in our family. My fathers name is Vladimir Stepanovich. He is a mathematician by education and businessman by profession. My mothers name is Tatyana Petrovna. She is a housewife. She has much work about the house because I have a younger sister. She is a pupil. My sister Natasha is in the fifth form. My grandmother, my mothers mother, lives with us. She is very kind and helps us a lot.

Our family is very friendly, we have many friends. In summer many relatives come to visit us. And, of course, they use a chance to spend several weeks in beautiful Sochi.

In May I have finished school No 5 in Sochi. I did well in all the subjects but my favourite subjects at school were Physics and Computer Science. I also enjoyed English lessons.

I am very interested in learning English because I always wanted to become a programmer or maybe a businesswoman. I also think that the knowledge of foreign languages helps in everyday life and career.

Two years ago I travelled much around Europe. I have visited France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. There the knowledge of English helped me a lot.

As you see, my biography isnt very long yet. But well meet again in the next lesson and Ill tell you more about myself. See you later...


introduce представлять, знакомить

Black Sea coast побережье Черного моря

a first-year student студент(ка) первого курса

region область

appearance внешность

slim стройная

career карьера

gymnastics гимнастика

mathematician математик

housewife домохозяйка

several несколько

to do well зд. успевать

chance случай, шанс

kind добрый

a lot много

the Netherlands Нидерланды

the United Kingdom Соединенное Королевство (Великобритания)ADD TO YOUR ACTIVE VOCABULARY


tall высокий

short маленького роста

stout приземистый, коренастый

slim стройный

fat толстый

plumpy полный

fair hair светлые волосы

blonde блондин(ка)

brunette брюнет(ка)

gray hair седые волосы

bold headed лысый

short sighted близорукий

smart, clever, bright умный (я)

stupid тупой, глупый

boring скучный

fun to be with веселый человек

easy to go along легкий в общении

quiet спокойный

impulsive порывистый, импульсивный

aggressive агрессивный

rude невежливый, грубый

shy, confused застенчивый

active активный

talkative разговорчивый

enthusiastic энтузиаст, затейник

Exercise 1.1. Please, introduce yourself. The questions below will certainly help you:

1. What is your name?

2. Where and when were you born?

3. How old are you?

5. Have you got a family?

6. How many people are there in your family?

7. Do you have brothers, sisters, grandparents in your family?

8. Where do you live?

9. Did you study well at school?

10. What school did you finish?

11. Did your teacher of English help you to choose your future profession?

12. What was your favourite subject?

13. What do you like to read?

14. What sport do you go in for?

15. What are you going to be?

16. Do you still live with your parents?

17. Do you have a girlfriend / boyfriend?

Exercise 1.2. Bring a picture of a person you know well (mother, father, grandfather, friend) to class. Show it and describe that person. Use the active vocabulary of the unit.




after Mark Twain

I was born on the 30-th of November 1835 in the village of Florida, Missouri. My father was John Marshal Clemens.

According to tradition some of my great-great parents were pirates and slave traders a respectable trade in the 16-th century. In my time I wished to be a pirate myself.

Florida contained a hundred people and when I was born I increased the population by one per cent. It had two streets and a lot of lanes. Both the streets and the lanes were paved (мостить) with the same material black mud in wet times, deep dust in dry. Most of the houses were of wood there were none of brick and none of stone. Everywhere around were fields and woods.

My uncle was a farmer. I have never met a better man than he was. He was a middle-aged man whose head was clear and whose heart was honest and simple. I stayed at his house for three months every year till I was thirteen years old. Nowhere else was I happier than at his house. He had eight children and owned about fourteen Negro slaves whom he had bought from other farmers. My uncle and everyone on the farm treated the slaves kindly. All the Negroes on the farm were friends of ours and with those of our own age we were playmates. Sinc