Билеты по английскому языку для 9 класса (2002г.)

Методическое пособие - Разное

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Topics/questions for discussion

1.Some people think that school days are the happiest days in people `s lives. Can you say that you have been happy at school? Why?

Did you have a dress code in your school? What do you think about it?

Was school work, fun or both for you?

What school subject did you like most? Why?

What school activities did you take part in? What were the most enjoyable activities?

What events did you write about in your school yearbook?

Were you glad to be back at school after summer holidays? Why? Why not?

2.If you want to continue your education, what kind of institution will you attend? Explain your choice.

What school experiences have you had?

What did (didn`t) you like about your school? Why?

What kind of school did you go to?

What are you going to do after the 9th form? How do your favorite subjects and interests influence your choice?

3.Choosing a profession is not an easy matter. What do you think can help you to make the right choice?

What `s important while choosing a profession?

What professional field can you work in? What are you good at? Which of your personal qualities will help you in your future profession?

Would you choose your parents` professions?

Have you decided what you want to be? What do you know about the advantages of your future profession?

Do you think you will need English in your future career?

4.There are different ways of learning about the world: through the mass media, books, traveling, visiting museums, meeting other people, etc. Which ways do you prefer to learn about the world?

Why is visiting a museum interesting and useful?

What can museums, places of interest tell you about the world (your home town, your country, people `s past, fashion, etc.)?

What do Russian TV channels offer to their viewers? Do you think TV programs can help you to learn at school? Which TV programs can help you to learn at school? In what way?

What sort of information do you get from newspapers and magazines? What newspapers and magazines do you read? What information are you interested in?

Do you like listening to the radio? Why?

What books can help you to learn better at school?

Which books/magazines/newspapers would you recommend your foreign friend to read to learn more about the life of teenagers in your country, famous people, this country `s latest achievement in science, about fashion, etc.

What interesting people have you met? What interesting people have ever been invited to your school? What did they tell you about?

5.Traveling is one of the ways of discovering new countries. What attracts tourists to Russia? What would you show your foreign friends in your home town?

Do you think that traveling is one of the best ways of spending holidays?

Does your family travel a lot? Where to? What ways of traveling do you and your family prefer? What places have you visited? Which of them did you like best? Why?

Have you ever traveled abroad? Which do you think is better: to travel abroad or to travel around your own country? Give your reasons.

What are the most popular tourist attractions in Russia? What do you think attracts people to these places? What places do foreigners associate with Russia?

What places connected with famous people would you recommend your foreign friends to visit?

Do you think your home town is worth visiting by tourists? Why?

6.Every country is special. What comes to your mind, when you think of the UK/the USA and its people?

What are the symbols of the UK/the USA?

What places of the UK/the USA attract tourists? What places in the UK/the USA and its capital would you like to visit? Why?

What are the most common stereotypes about the UK/the USA and its people that you know?

What do foreigners think about the UK/the USA?

What image of the UK/the USA do you have?

What can traditional British/American clothing tell about the UK/the USA?

What souvenirs from the UK/the USA would you bring back to Russia?

7.Each country takes pride in its own achievements and success. What makes you feel proud of your country?

What do you like about your country (sights, most positive traits of the national character, outstanding people, literature, arts, architecture, science, traditions, sports achievements, Russian traditional food, music, Russian products)?

What top ten items would you include on the list of Russia `s best things and achievements? Why?

Are you proud of your home town? Why?

8.What famous people from Russia would you tell your foreign friends about? Which famous British and American people do you admire? What made/makes them famous?

What great Russian writers are admired and remembered by Russians? How are famous Russians honored in this country?

What Russian musicians do you think are recognized all over the world?

What Russian sports figures are you proud of?

Which Russians have been (worn Noble) Prizes? In what field?

Which British/American people do you know? Why are they famous? How do you think they are honored in their countries?

9.What would you tell your foreign friends about traditional Russian holidays and celebrations? What do you think your British/American friends will tell you about their traditional holidays and celebrations?

What are the most popular Russian holidays and celebrations? How are days such as New Year `s Day, Christmas, Old New Year `s Eve, Epiphany, Shrovetide and one `s name-day celebrated in Russia (in your home town, in your family)? What activities are connected with these days? What traditional dishes are served on these days?

What do you wear for different occasions?

What gifts do you usually give to your friends /relatives at different celebrations?

Is celebrating important to you? Why? What is your favorite holiday or celebration? Why? What British/American holidays and celebrations do you like? What traditions are connected with them? Which of them would you like to celebrate in Russia?

10.You are going to spend a month with an American or British family. What do you think will be interesting for your host family to learn about you?

How do you usually introduce yourself to other people (name, age, birth place, home address)?

What do you look like?

What is your family like?

What are your family traditions?

Where do you live (your room, your flat, your home town)?

What are your interests and hobbies (reading and TV preferences, sports, pets, eating habits, etc.)?

What are you good at? What are your biggest life achievements/experiences?

Who do you admire?

Who are your best friends? Why?

What are your wishes and ambitions?

11.People have various reading preferences. What do you like to read? Ask your foreign friend about his/her reading preferences.

Is reading important to you?

What kind of books do you like to read? What were your favorite childhood books? Have your childhood reading interests changed? How?

What is your favorite book? Who is your favorite writer?

What British/American authors do you know? Have you read any of their books? Did you like them? Why?

12.Television is much spoken about nowadays. It has both good and bad points. What are your arguments for and against watching TV?

Do you think watching television is one of the best ways of spending free time?

What do British/Russian TV channels offer to their viewers? What are the channels your family does/doesn`t watch? What is your favorite channel? What TV program do you like best/least? Why?

What `s your attitude towards soap operas?

Which British TV channels/programs would you like to watch? Which are the programs on Russian TV you would /wouldn`t recommend to your foreign friends? Why?

What do you think of advertising on TV?

13.What are the most popular free time activities for British and Russian teenagers? Which activities do you like? Why?

How do British/American/Russian teenagers spend their holidays?

What sport activities are popular among British /American/Russian teenagers?

What TV programs do British/American/Russian like watching?

What do British/American/Russian teenagers like to do in their free time?

Do you like to spend your free time outdoors or indoors? Why?

What do you think is an ideal way of spending your free time?

What city activities do you take part in? Where do you go in your home town during your free time?

14.Young people are fond of different styles of music. What kinds are popular now? What kind of music do you like? Why?

What do you think about the music you like/dislike? What do you think about classical/rock/pop music?

Which British/American/Russian musicians/singers /groups do you know? What do you think of their music?

What does music make you think of?

Why is London called a musical center? What contribution did Britain make to popularizing classical music? What musicians is Britain famous for?

15.What are traditional British kinds of sport? Are they popular in Russia? What kinds of sport is your family interested in?

Which spor