Сочинение: In what time I would like to get if i have a time machine ? /english/

In what time I would like to get,

If I had a machine of time?

Certainly, it would be desirable to get in each century and in
each year but it is impossible physically. We know, that the mankind
already lives some millions years and maybe more.

But it is necessary to tell, that we know the past from textbooks
on a history and from historical films and telecasts. I think I am not
unique who have written in the essay that he wants to get somewhere in
the future (probably in close but, most likely in far).

Right after the occurrence of the time machine, first I will go
to search for the book of prelegends of Nostradamus and I will re-read
it completely. Then I will warn the relatives about my termless travel.
Also it will be necessary to take the academic holiday in the institute.
After performance of these preliminary actions, I will search for the
maintenance instruction of this machine of time or, even better, it’s

If I am not mistaken, Nostradamus has truly predicted the
occurrence of such world leaders, as Hitler, Stalin and many others.
Also he has truly predicted the occurrence of several large wars
including the second world war. But the most important that he has
predicted is the occurrence of the third world war between the West and
the East which has resulted in destruction of all alive on the ground. I
also would like to prove or deny the validity of prediction about
appearing in the future and, of course to return back per 2002.

To find out, whether there was an awful war which has caused
еthe death of all alive on our planet, it is necessary only, to get in a
long-term future and to look was there something with our planet and
with people or all remained as before.

If nevertheless it was, necessary to find out the reasons of
its occurrence, by going to the in near future. But how to know, how
many years are necessary to fly by forward? Only by experience (i.e. to
fly forward for 5, 10, 25, 50 years and more, until you are in one of
the year of war). So let’s think I has learned a date of the start and
of the end of war, i.e.the date of doomsday. Further it is necessary to
live some years in the years before the war to understand the true
reasons of this last war of mankind. But living among simple people you
will never learn the true reasons of the beginning of the war, as well
as however the reasons of any action of the government of any country.
Therefore it is necessary to live in the supreme circles of boards of
the contradictory sides (of course it is USA and Russian Federation(i
think so) ).

The are just some reasons, which can be cause of war:

1) Demographic accident (Nowadays there is already 6 milliards people.
And experts assert that this figure will be doubled by 2030).

2) Flooding of all Great Britain and the most part of USA because of the
global warming and the change of poles.

3) The occurrence of aggressive people in a rudder of one of the states,
owning the nuclear weapon.

4) Act of terrorism with using nuclear weapon.

……..and many other reasons……

Let's admit that i have learned the reason:1) demographic
accident. What can we undertake today to prevent this problem? There is
a huge growth of the population in many countries, and this countries
carry out the policy of the encouragement of the multichild families.
tBut it does not bring serious results and the population continues
growing. Basically it is less developed countries with a low level of
living of the population. One of ways of the decision of this problem is
searching of new places for residing of people on the Earth. And if
there are no more places to live on the earth, it is necessary to
explore new planets.

2) global warming. You will never argue with a nature , and
the unique decision may be only peace resettlement of people from places
which will be under the water in the future.

3)act of terrorism with using the nuclear weapon. Here is just
one decision: to agree with conditions of the terrorists. People will
live harder, but it will live.

4)aggressive people by hte rule of country. It also may be
cause of the third world war. How may we affect this problem? We only
may don't give the voices at elections for people which are predisposed
in aggression though aggression may come after becoming on a post of the
head of the state.

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